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The Art Mosaic Factory

SICIS is an Italian company which fully dedicated their business to mosaic products, with almost a hundred of Mosaic Master Artist in house team working together 100% in Ravenna, Italy to become the only artistic mosaic producer of the world.

About 01

The idea is to see mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication and expression of trends, fashions lifestyles.

Which resulted on collection of BASIC, POOLS, METALISMO, WATER GLASS NEOGLASS, PIXALSTRIPES, PIXAL, COLIBRI, MEDITERANNEA, FLOWER POWER ORIENTALLE, IPIX and COSMATI, the grand flooring of mix between natural stones & glass mosaic

About 02

Also separates SICIS from other competitors is that SICIS have more of 500 different colour shades, all using glass colour pigmentation. SICIS chips have far stronger bolder colours which works well, for both Artisctic and/or Pixelated mosaic.

SICIS produce mosaic that are properly planned precentage of imperfection for its orthogonality (the squareness) and planarity (the surface). This imperfection is the force of beauty that gives every SICIS projects it's luxurious character.